Student Information

Student Name

Jay Pacheco




Internship Information

Company/Organization: New Jersey School of Architecture

Mentor(s):John Cays

Topic of Internship


Background Information

New Jersey School of Architecture (NJSOA) was created 35 years ago by the New Jersey Society of Architects (NJSA). They wanted to create the school after they realized that there was a need for architecture to be studied in a public school. It was suggested by a National Advisory Committee for the school to be created in Newark, in 1972. Since then, NJSOA has evolved in the NJIT campus starting with an office in Tiernan Hall and becoming the incredible structure it is today. By 1974, its 1st full year 240 students were studying in it, causing it to expand. Now NJSOA has its own building full of students learning about architecture designing and development. With the physical evolution came the technological evolution, causing the school to be as technologically advanced as possible for the students to study the proper techniques used in creating designs. The College of Arts and Design (CoAD) continues to grow and offers more graduate and undergraduate programs such as Digital Design, Industrial Design, and Fine Arts now to give students more educational opportunities.

Summary of Internship

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) provides students from high school with a chance to experience the life of a student in college and learn about the programs that they will need for the upcoming years as an architect. At NJIT it is simple to do the tasks that the mentor asks of you. All the tasks that we were asked to do involved a computer, where you did things that ranged from working online and evaluating the website from a high school studentís point of view, to working on individual design projects on different design programs to understand how to use them. Internship here has been a great experience; the workplace is very comfortable with dual monitor screens, and the people in the office are all very friendly and easygoing.

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