Student Information

Student Name

Katherine Magriples




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Scotia Capital (USA), Inc.

Mentor(s):Mr. Keith Rodrigues

Topic of Internship

Finance/ Accounting

Background Information

Scotia Capital is a Canadian bank which deals with global corporate and investment banking as well as Global Capital Markets businesses. As an investment bank, Scotia Capital acts as a financial mediator, performing a variety of functions. In the capital market sector Scotia Capital works to raise funds for underwriting deals as well as buying and selling securities. Scotia Capitalís head office is located in Toronto, Canada, but other offices can be found in Vancouver, Canada, New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Houston, the Bahamas, as well as various places throughout Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Summary of Internship

Aside from being in a friendly and helpful environment, having an internship at Scotia Capital (USA) Inc. is both educational and enlightening as to what corporate America and the finance industry are really like. My tasks range from the basics; including faxing, filing, and copying, to the more challenging such as using the ADP program to alter and delete accounts. During my several months at Scotia Capital, I have been given various projects including working in Excel, drafting and editing word documents, and a reconciliation of monthly bank expenses, which included working with invoices and the accounts payable department. Another project I completed was an overall office supply analysis, which told my mentor, Mr. Rodrigues, the amount of money being spent on various office supplies each month. My internship at Scotia Capital has allowed me the opportunity to learn about and gain first hand experience about different aspects of finance, which will benefit me in the future with anything that I may decide to pursue or study in the business world.

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