Student Information

Student Name

Kevin Lee




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Merrill Lynch/Bank of America Global Wealth Management

Mentor(s):Douglas R. Linker, CIMA™

Topic of Internship

Wealth Management

Background Information

Currently known as an invaluable part of Bank of America, Merrill Lynch was acquired by one of the largest and most highly regarded international financial institutions. Alongside Bank of America, Merrill Lynch serves a plethora of different types of clients, ranging from individual consumers to large corporations. Merrill Lynch provides its clients with elite products and services in banking, investing, asset management, and financial and risk-management. Its key to success is the development of trust and close relationships among prominent financial advisors, client associates, and clients. The strong alliance between Merrill Lynch and Bank of America has fostered the creation of the largest brokerage firm in the world. It boasts more than 20,000 advisors and approximately $2.5 trillion in client assets. Considered the crown jewel of financial advising, Merrill Lynch proudly abides by a performance-based culture which emphasizes “excellence and integrity.”

Summary of Internship

Merrill Lynch has provided me with an invaluable gateway into the business world. I was given the rare opportunity to work with knowledgeable financial advisors and client associates and learn how to interact with a variety of clients. With the global economic meltdown in its heyday, I was able to perceive and understand the effects of the faltering economy. I gained in-depth knowledge about behavioral finance and how clients respond to current events and changes in the market. Listening in on client phone calls, synthesizing market material, completing varied market sensitive projects, and interacting with Merrill Lynch employees and clients, I was able to experience firsthand what working alongside a holistic private wealth team in a corporate environment entails. Learning about topics such as mutual funds, capital gains, and wash sales rules, I was exposed to and was able to understand a medley of business material, which I would otherwise be unable to completely grasp in a classroom.

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