Student Information

Student Name

Nazanin Amini





Internship Information

Company/Organization: United Nations Development Programme Special Unit for South-South Cooperati

Mentor(s):Mr. Nuguid

Topic of Internship

Special Unit for South South Cooperation

Background Information

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the central funding, planning, and coordinating organization for technical assistance and development in the UN system. An executive board within the United Nations General Assembly, it is the largest multilateral source of development assistance in the world. Its Administrator is the third highest ranking member of the United Nations after the United Nations Secretary- General and Deputy Secretary-General. With country offices in 166 countries, the UNDP headquarters are in New York City. The organization consists of various cooperations whose main focuses are Democratic governance, Poverty reduction, Crisis prevention and recovery, and Environment and Energy. I was accepted into the Special Unit for South-South Cooperation of UNDP. The Special Unit develops common systems, approaches, and guidelines to South-South and triangular cooperation; advocates and promotes SSC as an inclusive development agenda in all relevant multilateral processes; organizes global United Nations system-wide programs; organizes the annual UN Day for SSC and the SSC Focal Point Meetings; mobilizes resources to support global South-South and triangular cooperation initiatives; assists developing country governments such as sharing of information and capacities; and provides support to the Office of the Chairman of G77 and China.

Summary of Internship

My main responsibilities included the preparation for the United Nations annual global event on South-South and triangular cooperation scheduled on December 16-19, 2008, and the 16th Session of the High-level Committee on South-South Cooperation scheduled on May/June 2009. Some of activities included providing administrative and logistical support to core staff members of the Special Unit in regards to events planning and coordination, and managing the volunteer task force of high school students for events such as the UN Day for SSC. Also, as a UN student intern, I was expected to help raise awareness and appreciation on what the UN does to the global community, especially for the people of the third world and developing countries. This included doing my own research pertaining to global reach and impact of SSC and triangular cooperation through an academic paper on Human Development– its relevance to the United Nations Development Programme and South-South cooperation. Part of my internship was to interview an official from a UN mission. I interviewed Mr. Naimi from the Afghanistan Mission to the UN and wrote a paper about the meeting. In addition to the interview, I also observed conferences and reported back to the office with written papers summarizing the conference and my own perspective on the topic.

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