Student Information

Student Name

Adrian Gajda




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hackensack Pediatrics

Mentor(s):Dr. Mo Tantawi, M.D.

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Hackensack Pediatrics is located in Hackensack, New Jersey in a prime location right around the corner from Hackensack University Medical Center. The doors of this office were opened thirty years ago by Dr. Mona Tantawi. With the help of my mentor, Dr. Mo Tantawi, Hackensack Pediatrics has become one of the most successful pediatric offices in New Jersey attending to over three hundred adolescents. Today, Hackensack Pediatrics consists of seven doctors along with many medical assistants. Hackensack Pediatrics renders to babies and adolescents up to the age of twenty three and is vastly expanding the number of patients it consists of.

Summary of Internship

Before starting this internship, I came in expecting to do a job consisting of filing papers and staying away from patients. However, my first day and every day thereafter consisted of shadowing Dr. Mo Tantawi. I would walk with him to see each patient throughout the day. The learning experience could not be better as I have the opportunity to view many different sick cases. I got to learn how pediatricians work whether this included diagnosing patients with an illness or helping a family take care of their newborn child. Observing is the majority of what I do, but it is a great opportunity with a lot of learning included. Other tasks include drawing up vaccines and helping diagnose a patient. Being an intern at Hackensack Pediatrics has reaffirmed my desire to become a Pediatrician in the future.

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