Student Information

Student Name

Jesse Tam




Internship Information

Company/Organization: New Jersey School of Architecture

Mentor(s):John Cays

Topic of Internship


Background Information

NJSOA (New Jersey School of Architecture) was born in 1973. The first Dean and founder of the school was Harlyn Thompson. The school was made after NJSA (New Jersey Society of Architects) asked for a public school or architecture to be made in New Jersey. This was recognized in 1958. After its creation, the school started its first year (1974-75) with a student count of 240 and only 8 faculty members. The school has since progressed further and with the current Dean, Urs Gauchat, the School has obtained a mission. A mission to teach students everything they will need to know for when they are out and working in their career fields. The school anticipates further growth and progression in their education plan. NJIT has recently added an ďan Idea FactoryĒ, where students and faculty members can go and further progress their ideas up to the point of creating it and testing it.

Summary of Internship

AT NJIT, it is easy to do your tasks and assignments if you have a clear mind and patience. There will be times in which I would become frustrated because I didnít know what I was doing or if I was doing my work right. Working on different programs would sometimes be confusing, especially when asked to do something you donít know. Being patient can help get through these moments. I would eventually figured out what I was doing and was able to complete the tasks given to me. My work space was very comfortable and I liked how I had dual screens to work on my projects.

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