Student Information

Student Name

Edward Dovlatyan




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Liebowitz Liebowitz & Stern

Mentor(s):Mr. Sheldon Liebowitz

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Liebowitz Liebowitz & Stern, is located on Engle street in Englewood. The firm is owned by Mr. Sheldon Milton Liebowitz who has been associated in the field of law for almost 60 years. His associates include a staff of 5 lawyers including Mr. Dwight De Stefan, Ex-Judge Izabelle Starks, Mr. Larry & Susan Stern , and Mr. Frank Paruolo. Each lawyer is extremely qualified and is involved in other parts of the law. For example, many of the lawyers are either former judges or have held a significant position in politics. Overall, the firm concentrates on litigations concerning matrimonial issues along with personal injury cases, but is also involved with real estate and criminal cases as well.

Summary of Internship

My role as an intern is to assist these said lawyers in office tasks such as copying, filing, and distributing mail. Along with these tasks, I am also granted permission to accompany any of the select lawyers into their meetings with clients in order to observe their interactions. My involvement in the firm has grown from office tasks to tasks involved in the field of law such as writing pre-marital agreements and other litigation forms. I am also scheduled to accompany my mentor to a court case. Overall I feel as though I have established a good relationship with the office which continues to grow with every encounter.

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