Student Information

Student Name

Rebecca Abrams




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Arcade Publishing

Mentor(s):Cal Barksdale

Topic of Internship

Book Editing/Publishing

Background Information

Arcade Publishing was founded in 1988 by Richard and Jeannette Seaver. Currently, Arcade is composed of Jeannette Seaver, the publisher, three in-house employees—Cal Barksdale, Tessa Aye, and Casey Ebro—and the production director, Susan Hayes, who works from her home. It is a small, independent publishing house that takes pride in its publication of both emerging voices and acclaimed foreign and domestic authors. Due to its determination to spread knowledge of unknown authors throughout North America, Arcade has introduced 252 authors from 31 different countries. With an impressive and ever-growing backlist of authors, a sturdy position in the tumultuous world of independent publishing, and a steadfast resolve to remain true to its dedication to the next generation of influential authors, Arcade is a publishing firm with classy revolutionary streak of its own.

Summary of Internship

Interns at Arcade Publishing are expected to fully immerse themselves in every aspect of the editing and publishing business. As it is a small business, interns are not restricted to one department or subject, but rather exposed to every field involved in creating a published book. Interns deal with the financial side of thi ngs, from working with royalties paid out to authors to filing bills to dealing with checks. They are also often immersed in editing—an intern may be given a marked-up manuscript and be expected to input edits made by the editor, copy-editor, proofreader, or the author him/herself, in order to further the editing process. An intern is also involved in the publicity facet of publishing, from taking clippings of reviews to reading through reviews for usable material to sending out copy-review requests. There is a whole variety of activities that an intern is expected to cover at Arcade Publishing; most of all, though, the intern is expected to be inquisitive, alert, and always ready to learn.

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