Student Information

Student Name

Patrice Turner




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Nathan G. Fink, Esq., L.L.C.

Mentor(s):Nathan G. Fink, Esq.

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Nathan G. Fink is a member of both the New Jersey State and Pennsylvania State Bar Associations. Mr. Fink received his CPA from the State of New York, a Juris Doctorate from Loyola University, and his LLM from New York University. Since 1978, he has operated his own private law firm. Since business law is a growing field in todayís society, Mr. Fink concentrates on business deals, closings, wills, and especially the ever so stressful taxation of business and individuals.

Summary of Internship

At my internship I have been getting a lot of hands on experience with accounting. I never had the intern curse of just running errands; from day one I have been working on important projects that will actually be used by other employees. My duties started off easy with simple tasks such as retyping letters to clients and changing the pages of CCHís which are volumes of books with tax laws. Eventually I worked my way up to more complicated things such as bank reconciliations, 1099ís (forms given to workers who donít have taxes taken out of their checks), and Schedule Dís. With all of this work I have learned to use different programs like Lotus, QuickBooks, and Superforms. This was a great experience because not only did I learn the detail that accounting entails, but I also learned responsibility, organization, and especially professionalism. This solidified my aspirations of being an accountant.

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