Student Information

Student Name

Joseph Addo




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Meadowlands Hospital

Mentor(s):Georgine Gallo

Topic of Internship


Background Information

At the Meadowlands Hospital, there is a great commitment to Excellence, quality and patients satisfaction. Although a small hospital the people here do all they can to make their patients feel at home, and also provide them with the best health care possible, Nothing but quality and excellence is accepted in all areas of the hospital. This commitment has contributed to the great support the hospital receives from its surroundings, and this greatly shows in the amount of volunteers the hospital has. The Meadowlands hospital is filled with well qualified and experience people from the Pharmacy department, Emergency Room, to the Rehabilitation department. The people in here work together diligently and efficiently to provide their patients with an experience of a lifetime.

Summary of Internship

At this internship I worked in many departments to better enable me to understand the vast opportunities in the healthcare society. I started out in the pharmacy department, which was the original position I wanted, Here I gained a better understanding of the Pharmacists role in the Hospital. The pharmacists simple make mixtures of the different types of medications used daily in the Hospital. These medications are distributed to all the different departments in the hospital where they are needed and used to help patients. I then moved to the emergency department, here I witnessed the different types of emergency situations, and I also gained the opportunity to witness a minimal surgery take place on a patients finger. Finally, I moved to the rehabilitation department, and here I helped the therapists with their patients to better improve the lives of the patients.

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