Student Information

Student Name

Aaron Morrisey




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Palmer's Crossing Resturant

Mentor(s):Roy Stevens

Topic of Internship

Culinary Arts

Background Information

Palmer's Crossing offers a diverse menu to satisfy virtually any taste. This totally new restaurant has been created to offer casual style and a comfortable setting. Whether a breakfast meeting, lunch get together or night out for dinner, we're sure you'll enjoy the Palmer's Crossing experience. Or simply unwind from the day with friends in the comfort of the Palmer's Lounge. We invite you to eat, drink and be merry.

Summary of Internship

I Intern at the Clinton Inn located in Tenafly, with their executive chef. The kitchen has two different stations, one is for the banquet hall and the other is for The Palmer's Restaurant. At the Clinton Inn I assisted the chefs in food preparation. In addition to mixing, washing, and even grilling, sometimes I was in charge of creating full meals for business lunch-inns. During my reign as an intern I had the opportunity to be creative at my craft. At my internship I started my journey into the culinary profession.

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