Student Information

Student Name

Eugene Toyberman




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Strasser & Associates

Mentor(s):Leonard Khandros, Christine D'Onofrio

Topic of Internship

General Law

Background Information

Background of Organization: Strasser & Associates, P.C., is a general practice law firm serving individuals and business clients state wide. It was founded by William I. Strasser in 2001. Its broad expertise allows them to serve clients representing all facets of the business community as well as the private individual. The team at Strasser & Associates includes both seasoned trial attorneys and aggressive, young attorneys who have a strong commitment to excellence at the negotiating table and in the courtroom. The firm prides itself on being able to offer its clientele a wide array of services which include: • Administrative Law • Commercial Litigation • Corporate Law • Estate Planning • General Practice in State and Federal Courts Real Estate Law • Land Use Law • Matrimonial • Negligence • Probate Law • Trials and Appeals • Workers Compensation • Banking Law • Bankruptcy • Commercial Real Estate

Summary of Internship

Description of Organization: At Strasser & Associates there are many tasks that I am required to do on a daily basis. The tasks that I have completed thus far include setting up the database for the organization, writing demand letters, writing memos to the attorney’s regarding different cases, looking over employment contracts, review confidential documents, answer telephone calls, destroying confidential files, setting up clientele files, calling the court to set up hearing dates, and faxing over files. For me the most important thing that I have done is reviewing employment contracts because it is necessary for the field that I am pursuing to reivew different contracts and inform the client of the benefits and drawbacks of each contract. Strasser & Associates provides a great learning experience because it deals with all different kinds of law and it exposes you to the different law in the real world. My mentors have helped me out a lot because they always show me and explain to me how to do the different tasks required of me and they get me involved with some of the cases they had to get me accustomed to the general law.

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