Student Information

Student Name

Timothy Han




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Little Ferry First Aid Corps

Mentor(s):Cpt. Geoff Fallows

Topic of Internship

Emergency Medical Technician

Background Information

The corps was started by six members of the Little Ferry Fire Department during the winter of 1937. The firemen who originated the plan were Fred Havecker, Charles Ebenau, William Steeger, John Latusa, Frank Stetnile, and Fred Vincent, who took Red Cross first aid work. The first Board of Governors organized July 14, 1938. Included were Robert Ebenau, president; Robert Abend, vice-president; the Rev. Frederick B. Brown, secretary; the Rev. Havecker, captain; Mrs. Havecker, assistant secretary; and Fire Department representatives of Charles Ebenau, John Kozief, John Weeks, John Krejsa, William Holley, Arthur Borchert, James Busico, and Andrew Bauer. Chief Frank Trinka, Alvin Scherb, and Dr. William C. Rucker were also members. The Mayor and Council made the first contribution of $60. The unit was incorporated in March 1939, and six members, Edward Hubelmeyer, Dr. Rucker, Chief Trinka, Richard C. Moeller, John Krejsa, and John Weeks, loaned the Corps $225 which was used to purchase an ambulance. The Hook and Ladder Fire Company depleted its entire treasury to erect a garage adjoining its firehouse for housing of the ambulance. The Corps answered its first call May 18th, 1939 and *since then has responded to 879 cases, including 335 minor cases.

Summary of Internship

I take part in rig checks, rig maintenance, and of course, response to calls. It is my job to make sure the ambulances are properly stocked and maintained. In my spare time, I review protocol & procedures, from a big text book that was issued during my training. I am constantly standing by for a call.

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