Student Information

Student Name

Pamela Peredo




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Merrill Lynch & Bank of America

Mentor(s):Elias Dau (Senior Financial Advisor), Erin Bruno (Financial Advisor)

Topic of Internship

Global Finance/Investment Banking/ Wealth Management

Background Information

Number one on Barron’s 2008 list of top Wealth Managers in the United States for the seventh consecutive year, Merrill Lynch has managed to remain loyal to their promise and commitment to provide the best service of wealth management to clients worldwide. Clients are the basis of the organization as Merrill Lynch works with them to determine premium solutions and strategies to financial investments, representing “excellence, integrity, and ethical behavior”. With approximately 700 offices in 40 locations globally, the firm has managed to raise more than $3 trillion for clients over the past decade. Merrill Lynch was primarily founded on January 6, 1914 by Charles E. Merrill. Later that year, Merrill persuaded roommate, Edmund C. Lynch, to become his partner for the organization.

Summary of Internship

Merrill Lynch is one of the leading wealth management financial corporations in the world and can be quite intimidating for a high school intern. However, the internship introduced students like me into the business world as well as the office job atmosphere. Intern tasks ranged from filing papers and organizing work to attending meetings, communicating with your mentor and most importantly, becoming involved. From my experience, I learned more in the Merrill Lynch office than what I can learn from a classroom lesson with textbooks because I was forced to apply knowledge to daily tasks and projects rather than attain it from simply reading about it.

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