Student Information

Student Name

Omar Khan





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dr. Albert Ades M.D.

Mentor(s):Dr. Albert Ades

Topic of Internship

General Practition/Family Practice

Background Information

Working meticulously and tirelessly every day, Dr. Albert Ades brings charisma and life into his practice, the medical office of Dr. Albert Ades M.D. With his license to be a certified doctor, Dr. Ades is a general practitioner, who specializes in many different types of surgeries along with being a family doctor. Located at 129 Madison Avenue Cresskill, NJ, the medical office treats many patients who come in with various types of issues. The medical office of Dr. Albert Ades M.D. is given the daunting task to examine and cure every patient that comes in. With the great mind Dr. Ades possess, no patient walks out with a full diagnosis of their problem.

Summary of Internship

My role as an intern is to shadow the doctor around and observe his techniques and proper ways to examine and diagnosis a patient. After every patient is examined, we go back to the office and discuss the symptoms, causes and treatment of this issue. The benefit of this internship is that a lot of information is gained every week as new patients and new cases pile in. Along with that, Dr. Albert Ades has set up a rigorous curriculum for me at Englewood Hospital. He has set me up to go on rotations around the hospital and shadow different types of doctors such as a radiologist, surgeon, gastrointestinal doctor etc. This is very beneficial to my learning because it allows me to view medicine beyond belief.

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