Student Information

Student Name

Nicholas Ragbir




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bauer Publishing

Mentor(s):Eric Hollander & Chris Trembeth

Topic of Internship

IT Department

Background Information

Bauer Publishing is a German owned company that publishes magazines such as Woman’s World, Life & Style, and In Touch to name a few. The main focus of the establishment is to provide entertainment news to both the younger and older generations. A support group to the publication is the IT Department, which provides technology solutions throughout the organization. Within this department, the Help Desk also supports employees with their computer problems.

Summary of Internship

During my internship at Bauer Publishing, I work in the IT department or The HelpDesk which is located in the Production department. I work with my mentors Eric Hollander and Chris Trembeth. I generally work with Apple processing computer most of the time. My mentors have me fix the computers that come in with problems. A lot of the computers have hard drive problems which need to be replaced. The other times there are new users that start on a particular day and my mentors have me set up their computers for them. This process consists of setting up their emails on Entourage and gives them access to the programs they need for their department. Some computers that are sent to us sometimes need a build that replaces the old programs with the newer and latest versions. Internship at Bauer does help a lot with a student who wants to eventually go into the IT field. They really give the student a broad view of computers as well as the inside.

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