Student Information

Student Name

Kyle McNicholas




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Origal LLP

Mentor(s):Tatsu Shimizu

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Origal LLP was was started Dec in 2000 by two friends Tatsu Shimizu and Yoshi Nishiyama. They saw that many Japanese stores wanted American brand clothing but could not get it easily so the two decided to take advantage of the oppurtunity and created Origal. They began their company with an e-commerce site called to sell street-wear brands to the Japanese market. Street-wear is considered as small brands that young designers and artists make that are popular within these groups. The site soon became very popular due to the release of limited items with competitive prices which became more readily available over the competition. To do this they receive inquiries from many existing boutiques and also those who want to open businesses. Due to an overload of requests and not having enough help they decided to close the e-commerce site down and focus mainly on wholesale and distributing clothing goods to their clients. Origal distributes all different types of clothing and apparel to over 50 stores across Japan. A few years ago business was booming so they decided to create their own t-shirt brand called CRAFT and sell their custom t-shirts as well. After a while however, they realized they could not juggle the two areas, so they shut down CRAFT for a while. Today, they represent more than 100 brands and more than 50 wholesale clients. They act as a broker or a middle man by getting products from one to sell to another. They put brands in touch with clients and charge a twenty percent commission fee on top of their total sale. The customer pays for shipping and customs and Origal LLP gets a clean 20%. The partners frequently visit trade shows for brands to try and constantly expand their selection for their clients. They are now trying to expand their client network to other Asian countries such as South Korea, China or Taiwan.

Summary of Internship

At my internship I perform various tasks from creating invoices to taking out the trash. I have learned how to better use Microsoft Excel, Photshop, create pdf documents, and Microsoft Outlook. I learned about the types of clothing that are popular in Japan and which ones are the best selling. I also saw how the economy was affecting business the strong Japanese Yen is adversely affecting Japan because everything exported to the U.S. is more expensive. As an intern I create many invoices , packing slips, company invoices and much more and learned how to do them all better. I have learned a lot from such a small business which allows me to see all aspects of business from accounting to business management.

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