Student Information

Student Name

Peter Lee




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Summit Advisors Group LLP

Mentor(s):David H. Lee

Topic of Internship

Accounting and taxation

Background Information

Summit Advisors Group LLP is a public accounting firm which is comprised of two partners who are certified public accountants. They are dedicated to the provision of professional accounting and taxation services as well as the oversight and expertise that CPAs bring to the table. The firm was created in 2008 combining the efforts of two practices under the CPAs, David H. Lee and Edward M. Ha. Summit Advisors Group LLP currently has over 250 clients and growing rapidly in the Korean-American society.

Summary of Internship

At Summit Advisors Group LLP, you feel the real business environment. Tasks in the office vary from making copies for your mentor to bookkeeping (keeping records of what is bought, sold, owed, and owned in multiple businesses). My days in the office mostly concentrated of handling documents and information of real businesses. Although there is great pressure when handling important documents, knowing that what I do for Summit Advisors Group LLP helps the business comforts and excites me. An internship at Summit Advisors Group LLP is an excellent experience because you begin to understand both the workings of an office as well as the story behind many businesses. Personally, I was lucky enough to see Summit Advisors LLP come together. Around the end of 2008, Summit Advisors LLP was created and as a result, the office location and people changed. Through this transition I saw the birth of a new business and luckily was apart of its beginning.

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