Student Information

Student Name

Arielle Davis




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Superior Courthouse

Mentor(s):Diana Moskal

Topic of Internship

Family Law

Background Information

The Bergen County Superior Courthouse serves as Bergen County’s center for court related needs. Though generally most cases do not go to court, many cases are heard in the courthouse. Many types of cases are heard here, such as divorce matters, child support hearings, domestic abuse cases, criminal cases, and civil cases. Though each department is different from the other and each serve different purposes, each division of the courthouse is very important.

Summary of Internship

My internship was a very good learning experience. I did various tasks thoughout the year such as filing cases, preparing mail to be sent out to legal parties, organizing case information, and sitting in on court cases related to Domestic Violence, Child Support, and Matrimonials. During each of these tasks, I learned alot about the Family Division of the courthouse and how each role plays an important part in the system. I have learned that the Family Division has alot of work to do each week and the job that this division does has a huge impact on the courthouse. The professionals in this division of the courthouse have truly contributed to my wonderful learning experience. The best part of my internship was sitting in on the court cases because I got the opportunity to witness what happens first hand in the court room and in the judicial process.

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