Student Information

Student Name

Melvin Peralta




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Clifford Dias P.E. P.C.

Mentor(s):Christopher Dias

Topic of Internship

Mechanical Engineering/HVAC

Background Information

Clifford Dias, P.E., P.C., is a professional engineering consulting firm, founded in New York City in 1983. Our team of engineers, under the direction of President Clifford Dias, aims to provide efficient and effective engineering solutions to our professional client base. Our strategic approach and range of capabilities allow us to customize solutions for our clients’ individual needs. Inherent in our approach to every project are energy conservation considerations our clients’ operational requirements, as well as their personal comfort and safety. With licenses in all 50 states, we are nationally recognized for our comprehensive consulting services consisting of design, evaluation and review of new and existing structures. Our core capabilities span the areas of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection. We primarily serve national brokerage firms, banks, law firms, publishing companies, real estate and insurance firms with our two locations. Our head office is located in New York City’s downtown financial district and our associate office Scan Engineering, is based in Los Angeles to serve our West Coast Clientele.

Summary of Internship

My internship at Clifford Dias Engineering is very informative in that I am not only exposed to one type of engineering. There are mechanical engineers who specialize in HVAC, electrical engineers who design power systems, plumbing engineers who focus on designing facilities requiring water services, and fire protection engineers who deal with life safety systems. My internship responsibilities vary as follows: filing and organizing documents, drafting detailed schematics onto current projects using Auto CAD, technical research on HVAC topics, and editing projects. I have been given the opportunity to contribute on current projects by becoming a part of the design team. However, I have tried to not limit myself to my mentor’s focus in HVAC, although that is what I am most interested in. I have been proactive by branching out to the other engineers to see how I can contribute further. This experience has shown me how to work cooperatively with others and expanded my knowledge in engineering.

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