Student Information

Student Name

Alejandro Morales





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Mercedes Benz - Benzel Busch

Mentor(s):Mr. Dale Vanderbeck

Topic of Internship

Powertrain Engineering

Background Information

Mercedes Benz was started by two guys that had nothing in common. One of them was a success since the beginning and as for the other, his projects always ended up in disaster. Gottlieb Daimler, born March 17, 1834, and Carl Benz, born November 25, 1844, were both fascinated with cars and machines. While Carl Benz built the first motorized tricycle in 1886, Gottlieb Daimler built the first horseless carriage. As time developed, so did their ideas and creations. They both ended up creating race cars in order to represent their companies: Benz founded the firm Benz & Cie., as for Daimler, he founded Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG). When racing, Mercedes Benz came in first place most of the time, followed up by Daimler’s racing machine. During this time, the United States was at war (World War I), therefore the army required someone to create weapons in order to reinforce the troops. Both Benz and Daimler were converted together in order to make parts for war. Once the war had ended they continued working together from that day forward. Some people still wonder where the name Mercedes came from and strangely the company was named after a young girl. The young girl was daughter of Emil Jellinek, an Austrian Business man that had a craving for speed. In the late 1800’s, Jellinek discovered Daimler’s company and began investing his money into his cars. He purchased many cars and demanded more and more horsepower. He set these cars to race in Europe’s “Nice Week” and apparently the right thing to do was to name the car after the driver’s name. Emil Jellinek, being Daimler’s number one customer, came into an agreement with the company and decided to name the cars after his daughter. Since then on, Daimler was now converted into Daimler-Mercedes. In fact, Mercedes Benz has been creating cars for many years now and has really improved in creating top notch driving vehicles. Mercedes Benz can go from an A- Class to the highest performance, SL class. They have been producing top quality sedans, coupes, as well as SUV’s that has really been putting the edge to luxury and performance. Mercedes Benz vehicles are always expected to come out with cars that’ll blow people and competitors away. Anyone looking for a luxury car or a car that looks professional with power will most likely go for a Mercedes. Mercedes Benz has grown to be a must needed car when it comes to being a top executive or simply being wealthy. In my opinion, it shows character and wealth when a brand new Mercedes Benz drives down the street in any kind of weather, time of year, class or model it is. In conclusion, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz are two names to be remembered throughout history. With their passion and hard work they have revolutionized the world with new technology and opened to the door to creativity at its best. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz is now considered one of the best when it comes to performance and uniqueness in vehicles.

Summary of Internship

As a child I have grown up watching beautiful cars that I have always wished on having; day dreaming on how someday I will be the one behind the wheel of a Ferrari, BMW, and of course, a Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz has always been such an intimidation towards other car companies that try to keep up with them. With its unique style and great performance, Mercedes Benz is at the top of its game. Not only have I been attracted to cars my whole life, working someday for a huge company has probably been my main goal. Being a junior at the Academies I was always anxious on what kind of internship I wanted. Realizing that there can only be one position in Mercedes Benz, I knew it had to be mine. I began looking for my fellow classmates that also attended Mercedes Benz as an intern in their senior year and fortunately my hard work paid off. I was accepted as an intern way before school even started, ready to go and anxious on what I was going to learn in Mercedes Benz. My main motivation not only comes from my family but also comes from my mentality. I feel more than well motivated and focused on being someone in the future with a comfortable lifestyle and a great job to back me up. Not only is Mercedes Benz a great place to start a career, it is much more than just employees that work here, they consider themselves a “family” as well. It makes work much smoother and easier to handle when one is in time of pressure and nervousness. Everyone here has projects to finish and deadlines to meet, but what stands out greatly is the team work and effort they put into everything they do. There is never the lack of creativity and innovation which makes the Mercedes Benz experience one of a kind. As a senior in the Academies @ Englewood, I have to deal with stress that either involves homework/projects, sports, internship, and especially colleges. Around this time of the year is when applications are crucial in having a chance to make it into a certain college you’ve always wanted to go to. Decisions are to be made on what future or career they want to achieve in their future and if they’ve made the right choice. Unfortunately, I am also part of that group of people. I haven’t yet decided on what college I want to go to but I still have one goal set for me to chase. I see myself as a business man one day working for a great company, I see myself working at Mercedes Benz. As I first entered Mercedes Benz, I honestly wasn’t really expecting the sort of way the engineers and technicians work things out together. I have always thought of Mercedes Benz as a strict, tense environment where people don’t speak to each other, only through email but what surprised me is that I was completely wrong. Everyone here has been friendly and more than helpful when it comes to needing something. Meeting great outgoing people everyday and seeing people laugh about certain things they’ve heard makes the environment much more comfortable to be in. What I really plan on accomplishing as an intern is Mercedes Benz is basically getting to know people that will benefit me in anything I plan on doing. Different ideas and points of views on what I want to do or want to become, sort of breaks down the unnecessary obstacles I have in my way towards my future. I gain experience and knowledge on how to approach certain situations and how to overcome different issues. Networking has always been a big key on how I like to work when it comes to getting something or getting to a certain position I want to be in. I feel that life isn’t really much on what you know, but who you know and that has helped me out greatly. At the end of my journey in Mercedes Benz, I plan on asking my mentor what it takes to work here and hopefully be one step closer in who I want to become.

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