Student Information

Student Name

Lindsay Maclin




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Orthopedic Association

Mentor(s):Dr. Peter Salob

Topic of Internship

Englewood Orthopedics

Background Information

Englewood Orthopedics is a medical association located in the city of Englewood, New Jersey. This organization offers a high quality of medical care for patients with hip, knee, finger, shoulder, or joint problems. They provide state of the art treatment for general orthopedic injuries as well as athletic injuries. Englewood Orthopedics offers many innovative treatment options for patients that insures them the quickest recovery possible. The main objective of the association is to improve the function and quality of life of each patient with the least invasive and most conservative approach. Composed of several experienced orthopedic surgeons, physician assistants, physical therapists, nurses, and several other trained specialists, Englewood Orthopedics serves as one of the top orthopedic associations in New Jersey.

Summary of Internship

At Englewood Orthopedics I have the opportunity to accompany the doctors as they interact with patients and perform procedures. Many of the patients whom come into the office have musculoskeletal conditions, broken bones, or are recovering from surgery. Along with the doctors, I get to examine x-rays and read MRIís that depict the cause of their problem. One of the main sources that contribute to these skeletal problems is arthritis. To relieve pain, I get to watch as the doctors give patients injections. One of the most interesting procedures I got to watch was when a doctor drained fluid from a womanís finger. This patient suffered from a highly infected, bacteria contaminated thumb, and I got to watch as fluid was extracted from her finger. As an intern at Englewood Orthopedics, I have learned from experience that the life of a doctor is not as easy as many think and it is a job that you have to have courage to do. This internship has been a great experience. It has exposed me to different areas in the medical field and has helped me get a better understanding of the world of medicine.

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