Student Information

Student Name

Veronica Kelly




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Teaneck Community Charter School

Mentor(s):Craig Messmer, Teri Phillips

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Teaneck Community Charter School (TCCS) is an above-average elementary school in Teaneck, NJ. Charter schools like this are publicly funded and charge no tuition. It has been in operation for ten years and is considered one of the most successful in the state. TCCS is open to all children in the district of Teaneck. TCCS also has many different characteristics that sets it apart from other elementary schools, including the fact that each classroom does not consist of more than sixteen students. Each classroom is culturally, racially, economically, and academically diverse and the parents know what exactly is going on in the classroom. The families work together with the school to improve the environment for each child. Environmental studies, visual art and performing arts are incorporated into the curriculum and daily school life, and admission to the school is by lottery. This school gives students the unique opportunity to work in diverse, cooperative teams to construct substantial results and create amazing skills for all activities after elementary school. TCCS’s goal is to involve parents completely in building this new form of education and also create a successful model that should be replicated by the nation. This school is a prime example of the change and progress in America’s educational system.

Summary of Internship

In my internship, I was situated in a first and second grade class with Mrs. Teri Phillips. The students take their classes together except for mathematics, but during these classes they are divided by ability, rather than age, into differential learning groups so the children can all learn at their own pace. This makes the classrooms themselves very interesting and would seem random to someone that does not know the way that they are run. My class ranged in reading levels, ethnicity, financial situations, and age. I helped them with their reading, writing, mathematics, and the basic skills that they learn at this age. I learned about the psychology of a child and the workings of a classroom and a school. I was fortunate enough to have two mentors, Craig Messmer, the Vice Principal of the school, and Mrs. Teri Phillips. Through my amazing experiences in the school, I have developed a greater interest in education, the educational process, and a future career working with children.

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