Student Information

Student Name

Kristina Ilkovski




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Probation Services Division; Child Support

Mentor(s):Lori Tirri

Topic of Internship

Child Support Inter-State Relations

Background Information

Bergen County Probation is located in Hackensack near the court house. Even though it is not physically attached to the court house, they work very closely with the Family Division. The Child Support Worker is responsible for enforcing orders relating to child support, spousal support, and medical coverage for dependents. The Probation’s responsibilities are demanding in the monitoring of payments and enforcing court order. At the office, workers take incoming phone calls, interview customers that come to the office, try to solve problems, and answer questions. Other workers handle warrant cases and are frequently in court presenting the cases to the judge when the payer who fails to meet the court ordered obligation.

Summary of Internship

My assignment at this office has included attending court hearings when possible. I monitor the cases and review the background as requested by the Probation Worker. In his way, a determination can be made to move the entire effort forward. Other days, I work on the computer entering information on cases in a special program called “CSENET.” I was assigned to the interstate processing team and I work closely with two of the Senior Probation Officers. I go through different documents to check what is still needed and entered in the database or what is a closed case can be discarded. The information I enter into the computer is usually sent to different states in order to update the case or recommended and enforcement activity.

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