Student Information

Student Name

Brandon Boodooram




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Page Consultants Inc.

Mentor(s):William B. Page

Topic of Internship

Civil Engineering

Background Information

Page Consultants, Inc. is a full service consulting engineering firm that has provided its clients with site engineering and development services from state to finish. It was founded by William B. Page, who is the president as of today. A dedication to excellence and a commitment to superior client services have enabled Page Consultants, Inc. to become one of the leading multidisciplinary firms. Working closely with their clients, their available resource of architects, engineers, AutoCAD technicians, and construction managers can place a building on site and create an environment that supports the ultimate goal. Some relative projects have included: office buildings, mixed-use developments, warehouses, residential developments, traffic impact studies, parking structure layouts, retail shopping centers, malls, and other numerous specialty projects.

Summary of Internship

At Page Consultants Inc., there are many things you can do at first if you have engineering experience. If you donít, it is still not very hard to pick up, but that usually depends on the person. Some of the things I learned started from simple drawings of site plans and correcting errors on drawings to designing more complex site plans from scratch, isometric drawings, and drainage profiles; there was also the small job of making 36Ē copies of these drawings. The most important task that I ever received was the on-hand experience of going out with the surveyors to survey the land for the site in almost any weather condition; for me, it was the cold. It is a great experience because of the on-hand experience with the many applications of civil engineering through a program they use called AutoCAD, and the cooperation of the employees to help and work with.

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