Student Information

Student Name

Timothy Garcia




Internship Information

Company/Organization: KAB. Computer Services

Mentor(s):Kenneth A. Bruno

Topic of Internship

Computer Science

Background Information

K.A.B. Computer Services was founded in the year 2000 by Kenneth A. Bruno, who was my mentor. He started the company during his high school education as a very small business of fixing people's computers. This continued until after he graduated from high school, he was able to make his dream of a company real. The company started to really grow and he put most of his time and effort into it. He worked through college while even receiving his master's degree in computer science. He started to expand from the small one man business by hiring many contractors to do various other jobs which could not be done alone. The contractors that work for him rarely see him because he sends the work orders out and they complete it. The company does not only deal with computers, but many other aspects of technology in general. They deal with security systems, networking, home theaters, web pages, and etc... KAB Computer Services, LLC is a full services technology company, which provides highly customized integration, networking and Internet services for a wide range of small through medium sized business-to-business corporations and government offices throughout New York and New Jersey. We are relied upon throughout the region for the comprehensive solutions we provide to our clients.

Summary of Internship

At K.A.B. it is easy for anybody who is interested within the field of computer science, and technology, to get a warm welcome from the people there. The staff is kind and considerate, and they help to make my interning there a better experience. The tasks which i perform are never really difficult or too hard for me to handle, and my mentor is always there to help me along the way. I help to fix computers, networks, printers, cables, and many other technological tasks which you could think of. There have been many projects for me at K.A.B. such as, building the office network. From being an intern, I have been able to understand the professional in ways i never would have imagined. The level of comprehension with technology has also increased greatly for me. I have learned to deal with various types of customers and clients alike, and get a feeling of how it would be to actually work for K.A.B. It is an awesome internship for anybody to take, and it will not let you down.

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