Student Information

Student Name

Komal Saini




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Permanent Mission of the Sultanate of Oman to the United Nations

Mentor(s):Mr. Abdul Mohsin Shaban Salim Al-Ojaili

Topic of Internship

Governmental Bodies in Partnership with the United Nations

Background Information

The United Nations was established to maintain international peace and security, to develop friendly relations among nations, to cooperate in solving economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian issues in the world, and to promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. The Permanent Mission of the Sultanate of Oman works under the umbrella of the United Nations to fulfill the obligations designated by different organs of the international organization and to participate in the General Assembly debates and in the Security Council debates, where the meetings are open, to settle international disputes by peaceful means. The Permanent Mission also takes the responsibility to reflect policies and strategies of the government in the international organizations and in the subsidiary organs. The work in the United Nations is extensive in the General Debate of the General Assembly and in its main six committees, especially during the sessions that begin every year in September and conclude in December. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends diplomats from Muscat to attend the meetings of the General Debate. The Consulate is a subdivision of the mission whose purpose is to serve the Omani nationals and other foreigners who wish to travel to Oman for touring and business purposes.

Summary of Internship

Like most internships, most tasks at the mission of Oman start with becoming familiar with the background of the United Nations, filing paperwork, and assisting other colleagues in their tasks. Throughout this first phase however, I became familiar with each job each member of the Consulate performed. I witnessed financial matters handled when the Omani government financed the expenses for the building for our mission, transfers of sums of money to the missionís bank accounts, and other transactions. I also witnessed the authorization of visas and the need for the Ambassadorís presence to issue authorization for them. However, I became most familiar with the documentation of the United Nations through understanding the purpose of all the paperwork and by filing them; this process also taught me about the basic structure of the U.N. and the most active and permanent bodies of the United Nations. As time progressed, I took the initiative to advance and make progress with my tasks and helped my mentor prepare for his paper. Opportunities to meet important people such as the ambassador of Oman and active diplomats including the occasional chance to see the minister of Oman have been available to me. Provided that this office is in affiliation with the United Nations, opportunities to visit and observe meetings in the U.N. have also been available. While the office maintained a level of professionalism, the environment retained a friendly atmosphere, whose smallish size did not once daunt me.

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