Student Information

Student Name

Joshua Jaffe




Internship Information

Company/Organization: E1 Asset Management

Mentor(s):Greg Gong

Topic of Internship


Background Information

E1 Asset Management was founded in 1998 by Ron Itin and Sonny Shaikah. E1 Asset Management is a full service brokerage firm located on 40 Wall St. The mission of E1 Asset Management is to provide clients with a method to consistently risk-averse long-term financial planning. E1 has over 200 employees and targets clients all over the world, which requires a very diverse body of brokers. The brokers are from all over the world and search for leads across the globe.

Summary of Internship

I worked with the Director of Information Technology, Gregory Gong. Every employee at the 44 Wall St. Branch has a computer. The IT department manages over every computer, all the servers, the keycard system, printers, Blackberry’s, telephone system and the Camera Server. My most important job at E1 was helping Greg manage the different servers within E1 with Active Directory and Windows Server 2003. At E1, I was also part of the IT help desk and I worked with users who needed technical support. I assisted users in cleaning up viruses, spyware, setting up multiple monitors, reinstalling and reformatting windows.

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