Student Information

Student Name

Jesse Liaw




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Jordan Rosenberg Architects & Associates

Mentor(s):Jordan Rosenberg

Topic of Internship

Architecture and Interior Design

Background Information

Jordan Rosenberg Architects & Associates is an architecture firm based out of Ridgewood, New Jersey specializing in high-end residences, luxury townhouses, major educational facilities, and home additions. For every project on its palette, JRArchitect will work to meet high aesthetic and functional standards as well as consider the economic requirements of the client. Its founder, Jordan Rosenberg, discovered his natural talent for design when he created his first blueprint for the neighborhood clubhouse at age 8; it was a success. Ever since then Jordan has worked his way to a career in architecture with a Bachelor and Masters in Architecture from Tulane University. His experience and education has brought him to where he is today as he continues to add to his repertoire of successful architectural developments.

Summary of Internship

At Jordan Rosenberg Architects & Associates, it is guaranteed that you will learn what it is like to truly be an architect. Whether if be through making phone calls, sending out blueprints, or analyzing a building map, this internship will open your eyes to the world or architecture. Going into this internship, I had no prior knowledge of what exactly an architecture career entailed, however I quickly learned through first-hand experience that it is a stressful yet awesome path to go down. Now that Iíve been with Jordan Rosenberg, I know for sure that I want to go into a career involving design. Mr. Rosenberg is a very helpful person and is easy to get along with. He will more than willing to answer your questions and is understanding that we are in high school and donít know much. It was such an honor work along side a prestigious architect and to learn from one of the best in the field.

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