Student Information

Student Name

Clarisse Panganiban




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Palisades Medical Center

Mentor(s):Joan Moezicka

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Palisades Medical Center Pharmacy Department (PMCPD) is a place dedicated to compounding and dispensing medicine for the patients of Palisades Medical Center. With the combined efforts of pharmacist technicians, pharmacists, and interns, all tasks and orders are completed with great care and attentiveness. In accordance to the entire hospital, the overall mission is to enhance the health status of the diverse communities served and to deliver patient care in a safe and nurturing environment consistent with the highest standards of excellence, quality and efficiency, and with strict adherence to ethical practices.

Summary of Internship

Great caution and attentiveness must be exercised whenever performing tasks at the Palisades Medical Center Pharmacy Department because anything done can directly affect the well being of patients. The internship at PMCPD provides great exposure to life and working at a hospital pharmacy. Filling cassettes of medicine for each admitted patient, preparing drug orders for rounds, and delivering the day’s IV orders are just a few of the many tasks to be done, under the direct supervision of pharmacists. Through all of these tasks, names of drugs and what they are used for could be learned, as well as the various types of medicine that could be dispensed. The wonderful and helpful staff is very supportive and is always there to answer any questions. Though the internship may be busy at times, the work always feels rewarding and there are always many opportunities to learn.

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