Student Information

Student Name

Terence DiCorcia





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Jordan Rosenberg Architect & Associates

Mentor(s):Jordan Rosenberg

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Jordan Rosenberg Architects & Associates is an architecture firm located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, which specializes in high-end residences, luxury townhouses, major educational facilities, and home additions. For every project on its palette, JRArchitect will work to meet high aesthetic and functional standards as well as consider the economic requirements of the client. Its founder, Jordan Rosenberg, discovered his natural talent for design when he created his first blueprint for the neighborhood clubhouse at age 8; it was a success! Ever since, Jordan has worked his way to a career in architecture with a Bachelor and Masters in Architecture from Tulane University and a Masters in Construction Management from the University of Southern California. His work experience and education have brought him to where he is today as he continues to add to his repertoire of successful architectural developments.

Summary of Internship

Every week at Jordan Rosenberg Architects & Associates, I go there with an open mind and leave with a head crammed and overloaded with information about architecture. Whether it is learning the infamous AutoCAD, creating electrical plans and additions for $4 million homes, constructing additions and homes, or just doing simple office work, this internship has definitely opened up my eyes to the creative world or architecture. Going into this internship, I had no prior knowledge of what exactly an architecture career entailed, but I quickly learned through first-hand experience that it is a stressful yet awesome path to go down. I have had the opportunity to go to sites and take notes and observe what the role of an architect does. Working with Jordan has really reinforced my passion for architecture, and it is still a career I wish to pursue. Although I am not always working on architectural components, I still learn a lot about the business in general from the filing and organizing I do. Mr. Rosenberg is more than helpful when I have a question and is easy to get along with. It is so enjoyable for me to go every Thursday to internship and work alongside a prestigious architect who has really taught me the “ins” and outs” of architecture and the business that follows it.

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