Student Information

Student Name

Tiffany Cardona




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Aiello Productions

Mentor(s):Frank Aiello

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Aiello Productions is a well known company which mainly focuses on providing the best service they can to their customers in every single one of their projects. Mr. Frank Aiello has been the force of this company for many years and has won 31 awards for his fine work. These awards include the Visual Club Award in 1996 for self promotion and the ADCNJ Award in 2005 for his work with Mylan. Some of Aiello Productions’ clients include AT&T, JVC, Wal-Mart, Sony and McDonald’s. Because of the economy change throughout the last few years, Mr. Aiello has branched out and has had to gain knowledge about new technologies and techniques to work with which have broadened his client list. To Mr. Aiello, the size of the project never matters’ he always gets involved with the project 100% until he has a happy client. Throughout his career, Mr. Aiello has learned that the best work gets done when you love what you do and this business is what Mr. Aiello loves to do.

Summary of Internship

Having the opportunity to have an internship in high school really gives us and advantage as to what we will be experiencing out in the real world once we all become professionals. My internship at Aiello Productions has and will continue to teach me a lot up until our last day of internship. Through the Senior Experience program, I have gained knowledge and experience that can’t be acquired by any other method of teaching. I have gotten many opportunities to be closely involved with the many projects my mentor; Mr. Frank Aiello has going on such as being the person responsible for all photography on the MyStyleNow website, Lockson and Benjamin Moore. Every Thursday I show up enthusiastically to internship waiting to get a new task and Mr. Aiello always has one ready for me. It all varies from doing basic computer work such as highlighting duplicate files to assisting him during shoots. My internship has not only opened my eyes to the world of photography, but also business and all the hard work that goes into the work that is done before and after a certain project.

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