Student Information

Student Name

Mariam Amini




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Permanent Mission to the United Nations

Mentor(s):Mr. Naseer Faiq

Topic of Internship

International Relations

Background Information

The United Nations (UN) is an international organization established in 1945 to facilitate cooperation in international security, human rights, economic development, international law, and to ultimately achieve world peace. The UN currently has 192 Member States that maintain international peace and security, cooperate in solving economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian issues in the world and promote the respect of human rights. Afghanistan became a UN member state on November 19th, 1946 and since has been working with the UN to fulfill the obligations designated by the different organs of the UN charter. The Permanent Mission of Afghanistan participates in the annual General Assembly and in its main six committees, and has the responsibility to reflect policies and strategies of the Afghan government while signing resolutions.

Summary of Internship

In the beginning my internship I had the privilege to witness the committee sessions of United Nations 64th session. I attended meeting sessions in the first, second, and third committee in the United Nations Headquarters. I saw diplomats from around the world discuss global issues in Disarmament and International Security Committee, Economic and Financial Committee, and Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee. I also witnessed the voting procedures of how working papers became resolutions and were adapted as laws under the UN. During such committee sessions, I recorded the minutes of the meetings and wrote summary reports pertaining to the topics in the interest of the Afghan government. I watched discussion panels concerning the world of Islam and progression of Human Rights, and the influence of globalization held by non-governmental organizations like the International Peace Institute. I also attended a reception held by the Afghanistan Mission, where I was able to speak with diplomats and network. When I was in the Mission office, I conducted research pertaining to the advancement of Afghan women in the social, political and economical spectrum after the fall of the Taliban regime. This internship allowed me to witness the influence of United Nations and gave me confidence to pursue a career in international relations.

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