Student Information

Student Name

Karen Wang




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Valley Hospital

Mentor(s):Joan McGowan, Maura Delehante, Margaret Robinson

Topic of Internship

Medical Rotation

Background Information

The Valley Hospital is a hospital that has a history of quality patient care and service. Located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, the Valley Hospital is a fully accredited, not-for-profit hospital serving more than 440,000 people in 32 towns in Bergen County and adjoining communities.

Summary of Internship

Interning at the Valley Hospital would result in working in a “rotation,” where the intern is able to pick any three kinds of departments in the Valley Health System. Interning at the Emergency Department, In-Vitro Fertilization, and Pharmacy allows the student to gain hands-on experience with the faculty in each of the department to fully comprehend what a day would consist of. Observations range from simple sutures in the Emergency Department to procedures in manually fertilizing a human egg opened my eyes. In the Emergency Department, I was able to see anything and everything that might happen. Any kinds of procedures may be observed because of the constant flow of patients. In-Vitro Fertilization allows me to understand the reproductive organs and the difficulties behind pregnancies. Pharmacy consists of packing medications in the main hospital and observing the production of medications. This internship allows not only service experience, but also an idea of what might be available to the students in the future given with the wide variety of choices.

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