Student Information

Student Name

Andrew Sargeant





Internship Information

Company/Organization: Architectura

Mentor(s):Chris Manos & Conrad Roncati

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Conrad Roncati, CEO and Principal of Architectura, embodies this ethos with his design philosophy and commitment to creating intelligent structures. In his expanded role at Architectura, Roncati oversees the firmís creation of building programs, feasibility studies, facility design, and project administration. While his range of projects spans all building sectors, Roncati has extensive experience in multi-family residential projects, and has been involved in the design and planning of thousands of residential units. Roncatiís expertise is a unique integration of architectural innovation and building economics.

Summary of Internship

During my internship at Architectura I was given the amazing opportunity to experience some of the many tasks and challenges architects face from day to day. I was introduced to everyone on staff and we all got along instantly. The associates trusted me with redlining for the projects the firm had taken on. I was exposed to a different, exciting project every week. Also during my interning experience, I got the opportunity to sit in on rehearsal. An extremely important part of my internship was the availability of assistance. The associates made me feel very comfortable asking questions or asking for help. My internship at Architectura has helped me gain valuable knowledge about the field of architecture.

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