Student Information

Student Name

Natalia Ziarnik





Internship Information

Company/Organization: St. Luke's/ Roosevelt Hospital

Mentor(s):Amy Bush, Vanessa Marrero

Topic of Internship

Medicine- Oncology

Background Information

St. Luke’s/ Roosevelt Hospital is a 1,076 bed, full service community care Hospital in the heart of New York City. The hospital is an Academic Affiliate of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and is located only two short blocks from Columbus Circle. St. Luke’s/ Roosevelt Hospital were united as one hospital in 1979 by merging St. Luke’s Hospital, across from Columbia University’s campus with The Roosevelt Hospital by Columbus Circle. St. Luke’s was established in 1846 and shortly after, in 1871, The Roosevelt Hospital was brought up respectively. These two joined hospitals have set countless medical firsts and have a strong commitment to their patients and caretakers. “The Hospital Center's ability to serve these populations is enhanced through relationships with groups including the William F. Ryan Community Health Center and the Council Health Center, as well as through school-based clinics at area high schools. St. Luke's-Roosevelt initiates and supports a wide range of community health-focused activities and maintains an extensive network of relationships with churches and community groups throughout the West Side and Upper Manhattan.”

Summary of Internship

I first started my internship at Hackensack University Medical Center where I was situated for the first month and a half. There was volunteered as a courier, where it was my responsibility to deliver anything from medical equipment to blood and platelets to both doctors and nurses. While volunteering as a courier, I was able to comfortably navigate throughout the whole hospital with ease, which brought me some self confidence in my work. I was supposed to work in the Pediatrics Department; however, due to the precautions of the 2009 H1N1 epidemic, I was not allowed contact with the children. Finally, after two months I was let go because of our epidemic and was in search for a new internship which leads me to the hospital where I intern today; St. Luke’s-Roosevelt’s Hospital in Manhattan, New York. In Roosevelt’s Hospital, I work in the Hematology/ Oncology Department under my adviser Ms. Vanessa Marrero. She is the assistant administrator to Dr. Michael Grossbard. She sets up all of the appointments, files all the charts of each patient, and handles all necessities to keep the physician’s office up and running. Since I am her junior intern, I help her file charts for the patients that come in the back after me and I also help her put in information for each patient. I have learned the importance of quality organizing and how vital it is to keep every individual record. As for now, my internship is going well and hopefully it will continue to help me develop as a young person striving to be a part of the medical field in the future.

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