Student Information

Student Name

LeAndra Kentish




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Consumers Union

Mentor(s):Donald Mays

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Consumers Union, Publisher of Consumer Reports, is a non- profit organization that was founded in 1936. During this time, false advertising became popular and consumers needed a way to differ the safe and sufficient products from the poor ones. Consumers Union acts as that reliable source for consumers by providing information that empowers them to make the best purchasing decision. There are now more than 650 workers in fields ranging from appliances to cars to foods and so much more. The organization continues to keep their reliability through honest and accurate information for their subscribers.

Summary of Internship

During my time at my internship I gained the title of research assistant. Since the company’s main focus is testing products, I helped to test certain ones. I worked in the infant product safety field and researched and tested products such as cribs and toys. I learned how important it was to do these tests because infants’ safety could be in jeopardy if products are not secure. I also got a chance to work in and observe some of the different departments of the company. I did a lot of data entry, research and testing, however I completed a range of duties given by various employees in various positions. Overall, my experience was a very informative one where I learned the ins and outs of how a major organization is run. I gained an understanding for product safety that I will take with me forever and made long lasting connections with people who shared their wisdom and knowledge with me.

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