Student Information

Student Name

Adam Ades




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Strategic Wealth Management

Mentor(s):Mark Gladstone

Topic of Internship

Understand Risk and Risk Management

Background Information

Strategic Wealth Management Group has evolved with the goal of assisting clients in every aspect of their financial lives. They are wealth managers and the firmís primary focus is an integrated set of advice and asset management services to address the broad financial needs of their clients. Services provided by Strategic Wealth Management Group include discretionary investment management. Their affiliate companies provide retirement plan design, employee benefits, financial planning, estate planning, and tax strategies. Strategic Wealth Management Group provides these services to individuals, pension and profit sharing plans, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, and corporations.

Summary of Internship

Each week at internship, I have private one-on-one session with my mentor, Mark Gladstone. We discuss a variety of topics, such as risk, different forms of interests, bonds, options (puts and calls), commodities, currencies, insurances, tax free exempt investments, the Federal Reserve, and understanding different stock patterns (technical analysis). The main focus of my internship is to learn and to understand the IMPORTANCE OF RISK. Mr. Gladstone and I created spread sheets with over 100 stocks and analyzed the stockís price after the companies release its quarterly or yearly figures. I have also listened to and in on several corporate conference calls and analyzed whether or not to invest in them. Working with Mr. Gladstone has been an invaluable experience. All of these approaches to investment brought us to the point where I could actually see and understand the risk and potential benefit that must be laid out to everyone, before any type of investment is made. It has given me the opportunity to experience the complicated aspects of the business world.

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