Student Information

Student Name

Ashely Oliver




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dr. John Grieco Elementary School

Mentor(s):Cheryl Condello

Topic of Internship

3rd Grade Education

Background Information

The Dr. John Grieco Elementary School, which has now replaced the Lincoln Elementary School, is a relatively new school in Englewood, NJ. The school has been opened for a little over two years now. The teachers at Grieco are wonderful and they add to the welcoming educational environment that every student feels when they walk into the building. There are so many opportunities for students to show their talents at the school; these include the Ivy, Dual Language, and Mandarin Programs. The Ivy program is for the students who exhibit great work ethic and are able to handle a more challenging curriculum. The Dual Language program is for any student ready to take on the challenge of learning all of their subjects in both English and Spanish. Mandarin is offered to every student, and those who choose to take it have the opportunity to get a head start at broadening their horizons at an early age.

Summary of Internship

My duties, as an intern in a third grade Ivy classroom, involve many activities. Not only do I get to work with individual students on enhancing their reading and math skills, but I also assist my mentor in every way I can. I check in homework, make copies of worksheets and of tests/ quizzes, grade tests/ quizzes, and much more. Also, when Mrs. Condello is absent, I am able to assist the substitute with the daily activities and the students with the in-class assignments. I love the environment of the classroom and the students in Mrs. Condello's class. On Thursdays, I am "Miss Ashely" to the class and I feel as if I am really another teacher in the classroom who the students respect and look to for help. Not only do I get to interact with the students, but with the other third grade teachers also. Every week, I attend the meeting that the third grade teachers have with each other to discuss where they are in the curriculum and what they need to do to stay on the same page. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to intern at the elementary school.

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