Student Information

Student Name

Angeline Cazeau




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Palmer's Crossing Restaurant

Mentor(s):Executive Chef William Burkhardt

Topic of Internship

Culinary Arts

Background Information

Palmerís Crossing Restaurant is a fairly new restaurant located in Tenafly, New Jersey. It offers a casual yet sophisticated dining affair. The restaurant provides a full service Ė breakfast, lunch and dinner Ė and there is even a bar that offers top shelf liquor. The new Palmerís Crossing Restaurant is the perfect place to find wonderful food and great company.

Summary of Internship

At the Palmerís Crossing Restaurant my internship takes place in the kitchen. I assist the cooks and chefs with preparing the food. My tasks range from chopping vegetables and fruits, arranging dessert platters to grilling chicken and portabella mushrooms. At times, Iím given projects such as making flan, spring rolls, marinara sauce and preparing salads banquet style. Not only do I learn about the practical side of the job, but also the business side. I have learned about inventory, receiving and how the menu prices are made. Due to the restaurantís small size Iím able to interact with the cooks, chefs and servers. They are extremely nice and willing to help. If youíre interested in culinary arts I encourage you to come to this restaurant to get valuable experience.

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