Student Information

Student Name

Amanda Ades




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Mentor(s):Dr. Dardik

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Englewood Hospital was incorporated in 1888, as a non-profit, non-sectarian voluntary health care facility administer care to the sick and injured. The twelve wooden bed building was housed on 3 acres opening on June 14, 1890 on Engle Street. Throughout the years the hospital was extended to be larger. Englewood Hospital was the first New Jersey affiliate of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and is a member of the Mount Sinai Health System. This affiliation with Mount Sinai School of Medicine has enabled Englewood Hospital and Medical Center to become a center of education and research. Residents in surgery, pediatrics, podiatry, pathology, and critical care medicine, rotate throughout the hospital.

Summary of Internship

As a high school intern at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, I have the opportunity to observe the medical field in an exciting environment. My mentor, Dr. Dardik, is the Chief of Surgery. Though he is a very busy man, he is an enthusiastic teacher. Dr. Dardik is always eager to teach and welcomes curiosity. With his guidance, I am granted the chance to observe many surgeries in the operating room and rotate through various departments. I have observed the emergency room, research lab, radiology and shadowed hospitalists, neurosurgeons and internists. In the operating room, I observed many surgeries ranging from a spinal fusion to a gastric bypass. I received an excellent overview of emergency medicine during my Emergency Room rotation. In the research lab, I examined and assisted with the dissection of rats. In radiology, I participated with the technicians in Ultra Sonography, Cat Scans, MRI, and regular (plain) film X-rays. When shadowing different physicians, I get a one on one opportunity to discuss what is going on and what their role with the patient is. Overall, my internship is an incredible experience that provides a preview of the medical field. I have a wonderful time transferring from department to department.

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