Student Information

Student Name

Shaquille Maurice Hobson




Internship Information

Company/Organization: MINT Theater Company

Mentor(s):Ms. Sherri Kotimsky

Topic of Internship

Theater Production

Background Information

The Mint Theater Company is dedicated to searching out worthy but neglected voices from the past, with a sharp appetite for timeless but timely plays that speak to issues, struggles and questions that are as current as todayís headlines. In recent years the Mint has also given New Yorkers the opportunity to experience great plays by a number of neglected women playwrights including the first New York revivals of two Pulitzer Prize winning plays; Zona Galeís Miss Lulu Bett, and Susan Glaspellís Alisonís House; also Cicely Hamiltonís Diana of Dobsonís and Rutherford and Son by Githa Sowerby, a remarkable and little-known play that made the National Theaterís list of One Hundred Plays of the Century. The MINTs focus is to revive forgotten plays. Their work has been praised by scholars grateful for the opportunity to see plays that they have studied for a lifetime, yet have never seen performed. Their aim ďis to use the engaging power of the theater to excite, provoke, influence and inspire audiences and artists alike.Ē

Summary of Internship

Interning at the Mint Theatre Company puts me right in the heart of downtown Manhattan, which is the home of theatre in New York City. Iím literally three blocks away from Broadway. When I take lunch breaks, I have easy access to walk past popular current shows such as Mary Poppins and Spiderman on Broadway. My experience involves a lot of busy work. I am constantly running errands, either to the bank or to Staples. This business makes a lot of money off of donations, so keeping our customers interested is a lot of work. We send out many letters through the mail to constantly inform them about whatís new and inviting them to new shows. These mail-outs usually involve nearly three hundred letters; I have to pack the envelopes, fold the papers and stamp each one individually. There is also a new program used for housing information for our donators as well as anyone else who has ever purchased a ticket for a show. Itís called Ovation and I am busy adding information into it. I visit the TKTS booth often to give out tickets to our shows. There is a lot of regular intern work such as organizing folders and cleaning around the office. But Iím totally fine with this because itís a great learning process for any job. I have watched an off Broadway production from start to finish. Its entitled What the Public Wants. I even got the opportunity to sit down with the actors and read over the scripts. What an amazing opportunity! The office is very warm and the personalities are great. Having this internship, I have learned what it takes to both run a production back stage as the manager of the theater company as well as what the actors must go through in the process to be in a Broadway show.

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