Student Information

Student Name

Danny Santamaria




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Sheriff's Office

Mentor(s):Lieutenant John Calabrese and Officer Aimee Mehner

Topic of Internship

Law Enforcement (Community Outreach Unit)

Background Information

The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office is composed of various Divisions and Units of Law Enforcement. The Community Outreach Unit is designed to reach out to communities in the Bergen County. As part of being an intern, we are responsible for taking part in various projects and activities that deal with our community. The Community Outreach unit deals with helping providing services that benefit our communities. For example, there is the Christmas party for the less fortunate children whose parents are going though financial hardships. The Community Outreach Unit also sponsors is the Senior Citizens Police Academy where seniors are taught about the various branches of law enforcement. Another event that the Community Outreach Unit sponsors is the “Thanks ‘4’ Giving Polar bear Turkey Plunge” where the purpose is to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Summary of Internship

My internship took place at the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office in the Community Outreach division in Hackensack, New Jersey. As an intern I was in charge of making phone calls, copies, making veteran certificates for the Armed forced, filing paperwork and accompanying the officers when they went out to do their various projects. During my time as an intern I learned a lot of life lessons that can be useful in my future when I have a career and a job. Certain things I learned were to always do what you’re told because the level of involvement you want is only achieved by how much effort you put into it. I learned to work on my communication skills with other people when I had to made and answer phonecalls.Interning at in the Community Outreach unit I learned that some problems that face a community are things such as the rise in gang activity in a neighborhood but we have shown awareness to people by visiting different locations around the county and talking about topics such as senior safety, online safety, and the importance of stopping bullying at a young age. From my internship at the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office I have learned a whole new respect for police officers and all they do every day to better our society.

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