Student Information

Student Name

Marc Bassil




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Arts Horizons

Mentor(s):Geri Iannaconi

Topic of Internship

I.T Department

Background Information

Arts Horizons is a non-profit education organization for the arts that serves schools in the tri-state area. They integrate music, as well as other arts, into learning to help children gain appreciation for the arts. It was founded in 1978 by John Devol; he worked with a few of his friends to devote their time and efforts in bringing arts back into the lives of children. Arts Horizons has a variety of programs, including: Interactive live performances, artist in residence programs custom-designed for schools, and teachers that introduce creative approaches in classes.

Summary of Internship

I am an intern in the IT department at Arts Horizons. This internship is a great asset to my experience in the business workplace and in the IT field. Part of my work includes hardware and software troubleshooting, and the other half of my internship I help out around the office with various jobs. This provides me with hands on experience in my interested college major, and gives me a feel of how it is like to work in a business workplace. It also gives me an opportunity to apply the skills I have learned in academic courses in tasks as part of my job.

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