Student Information

Student Name

Nicolas Valenzuela




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Classic Skate Shop LLC.

Mentor(s):Gary Ianitelli

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Classic was opened in 2005 by Gary Ianitelli on his own terms and his own money. There was a skate shop in the same location and he became very interested in purchasing the building after it went out of business. After about a year of negotiating with the previous owner of the building, Gary finally gave him an offer and purchased the building. He sold his car for $15,000 which covered the first shipment of product and the shop just kept growing from there. Classic has been open now for 5 years and has a variety of accounts from popular skateboard and street wear brands. Bayonne has a very small skate scene and it will continue to grow with the help of Classic and the newly opened Below the Bridge skate park.

Summary of Internship

At my internship, I perform a variety of tasks every week. Some days I could be simply unpacking product from a box and organizing them by size and model, while other days I could be helping my mentor decide on which product to order for future seasons. Through these tasks, I really see the ins and outs of how a skate shop, and more importantly a business, is run. I am able to interact with different types of customers, young and old, and help them find the right product for them. I see firsthand how important it is to know what products and their accompanying color ways to sell to have a successful skate shop.

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