Student Information

Student Name

Khalil Sertima




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen county Sheriff's office

Mentor(s):Lieutenant john Calabrese and officer Aimee Mehner

Topic of Internship

Community Outreach

Background Information

In the Bergen County Sheriffs office there are various Divisions and Units. Each of these divisions are responsible for a certain area in Law Enforcement. In The Community Outreach Unit yes you guessed it, we reach out to the community. We are responsible for or take part in various projects and activities that deal with our community. Some things that the unit deals with are helping those less fortunate than others throughout the year, this really comes in to effect around the holidays. Some examples include the Christmas party that is hosted by the Community Outreach Unit. This party is specifically designed to help those families who are going through economic crisis still feel special on Christmas day. The Community Outreach Unit buys presents for the children of the families based on their children’s wish list. Another event that The Community Out Reach Unit helped with is the turkey plunge. The plunge was to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Summary of Internship

My internship was at the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office in the Community Outreach division. My role as an intern consisted of making phone calls, copies, filing paperwork and accompanying the officers when they went out to do their various projects. While I was an intern in this department, the things I learned were the problems that face a community problems such as the rise in gang activity in a neighborhood, or the state recently to visiting different locations around the county and talking about topics such as senior safety, online safety, and the importance of stopping bullying at a young age. With that I also learned what our police department is doing to help. Another thing that I got from my internship was the time to work on my people skills with the phone calls and meeting people in the community at the events that we hosted.

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