Student Information

Student Name

James Yoon




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Inc

Mentor(s):Brian Chung, Cindy Hwang

Topic of Internship

Quality Assurance

Background Information

Fantage Inc, is the company that operates and owns Fantage the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). It started in April 2008 and expanded into a large community with 7.3 million users, and it still continues to grow. Although Fantage is its own independent company, it is financed by Nexon, another company that owns a variety of other successful MMORPGs. Fantage’s target audience is for those between 6-14 years of age, and essentially ushers children into the MMORPG world in a safe, and child friendly environment.

Summary of Internship

Since I only got this internship through special networking (and since they don’t typically have interns), I mainly focus in the quality assurance (testing the site, the games on the site, and anything else that seems “buggy”) department, although I have been asked to help out with other fields of the company (helping come up with promotional ideas, compiling statistics and helping predict certain patterns within the site). For quite some time now, my main focus however, has been with helping find and compile statistical information, and to create spreadsheets from them so that Brian (my co-mentor) can use that information to find out patterns on the site, and what is common or not.

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