Student Information

Student Name

Tracy Fung




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Hackensack University Medical Center

Mentor(s):Barbara Schwerin-Bohus

Topic of Internship

Speech Pathology

Background Information

Hackensack University Medical Center was founded in 1888 as the first hospital in Bergen County. It has continued to grow from year to year in order to offer a wider range of services and to meet its patients’ needs. Today, this research hospital and medical center is an employer of more than 7,600 workers and has a volunteer population of more than 1,600 who contribute approximately 200,000 hours to the medical center every year. HUMC is made up of a team of healthcare professionals who are truly concerned about their patients and are committed to providing quality service. In fact, it is the largest provider of inpatient and outpatient services in New Jersey. Furthermore, HUMC has been nationally recognized as one of America’s 50 Best Hospitals in 2010 by HealthGrades, a leading health care ratings organization.

Summary of Internship

As an intern in the Speech Therapy Department at Hackensack University Medical Center, I spend most of my time observing the work of my mentor and her staff members. The department provides care for inpatients as well as outpatients, and I have the opportunity to observe both. In the hospital proper, I watch tests that are performed on patients to assess their swallowing at bedside. I prepare food mixed with barium for more extensive swallowing tests conducted in x-ray. In the outpatient department at the hospital, I sit in with patients during their speech therapy session. The evaluation and treatment of each patient is unique and different based on their needs and how they are progressing. Occasionally, I have to do clerical work, but it is a task that comes with all internships. I am responsible to do some copying of materials and filing of papers in outpatient charts. Although everyone in the Speech Therapy Department is often busy, they are very helpful and open to questions to make sure that I am learning. Through this experience, I have gained knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities of speech therapists in a medical setting and what it is like to work in a hospital.

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