Student Information

Student Name

John Hernandez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Salient Associates

Mentor(s):Charles J. Whelan

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Salient Architects was established in 2001. They have offices in Brielle and Englewood, New Jersey and Boston, Massachusetts. The office located in Englewood is filled with a diverse group of professional sever clients all throughout the tri-state area and in cases further. Other than having offices here, Salient Architects has employees in various parts overseas allowing them to be constantly working. The professionals at the office that are in charge of design are experienced in many different types of buildings ranging from small house extensions to corporate offices. For Salient Architects no project is too big or too small. In the past years the office has been following projects such as luxury custom homes, large scale community planning in Bridgeport, Connecticut and projects overseas with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. Salient Architects also specialize in telecommunication projects where the company builds antennas for varies cell phone carriers. Some of the clients that Salient has done work for are “T Mobile”, “Metro PCS”, “Verizon Wireless Services” and “Nextel Communications”. These telecommunication projects are what the company focuses on the most. The diversity of the professionals in the office allows Salient Architects to have a great variety of ideas to help solve the different problems that appear from project to project.

Summary of Internship

During my experience at Salient Associates, I have done varies tasks that show me how it feels to work in the architectural field. My mentor has given me projects to reconstruct buildings on certain programs. The programs that I have used are “Revit” and “Google Sketchup”. It takes a significant amount of time to build some of the projects because we only meet once a week but I still have been able to complete them. My mentor and some of the other workers have taken me to onsite visits of a building where information about the structure has to be gathered. This information includes the dimensions of the building, a drawing of the whole structure, and photos to take back to the office. It’s a great way to get experience on what type of information architects need to gather in order to work. It might seem that some of the tasks aren't as important as others; filing papers being one but it shows that they trust you with organizing important documents. Also whenever you need help, you could always ask the other workers there since they are helpful and understanding due to the fact you are a high school intern. I have experienced so much at Salient Associates and I am glad that I chose it for my place of interning.

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