Student Information

Student Name

Sethu Prakasam




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bauer Publishing

Mentor(s):Chris Trembath & Eric Hollander

Topic of Internship

IT Department

Background Information

Bauer Publishing is the largest privately owned publishing company in Europe. It was established in Hamburg, Germany and owned 42 magazines. In the United States, Bauer focuses on three different groups, entertainment, teen, and women’s. The company publishes magazines such as Life & Style, Twist, First for Women, In Touch and many others. Bauer concentrates on finding better, efficient ways of selling products to consumers through its magazines. A vital part of this company is the IT Department, which provides technical assistance to the employees.

Summary of Internship

I work in Bauer’s IT Department with my mentors Chris Trembath and Eric Hollander. They give me important tasks and helping me along the way, making sure I get the tasks done. Since apple processing computers make production easier for employees, I work with MAC computers almost all of the time. I often do pre-deployment set ups for newly arrived MAC computers. I also work with database software such as File Maker Pro which helps organize all the new and old MAC computers. Sometimes if the computers have problems we would take them apart and replace the hard drives. These are just few of the tasks I have done at Bauer. Bauer Publishing’s IT Department is essentially a Help Desk where people come to us with problems and we offer them solutions for the problems. For a person going into the IT field, Bauer publishing is ideal.

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